Welcome to the dark side 🥷

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I'm happy to be here! Thanks man. I think you are on the cutting edge of something new and different. It is the reason I encouraged you to go this route.

Websites are cool, but they are web 1.0 and carried over into web 2.0. But we are headed into web 3.0 and things are rapidly evolving. You can now subscribe to websites and get push notifications of new content. Newsletters are more common than ever because they hit the inbox and you get a notification.

In a world where you can type in 1 domain (gmail.com) or tap one notification (new email) people are less likley to type in a web domain and go there. People are constantly bombarded with new content all day, every day. They need to go to you to find out what is happening, you have to go to them and tell them what is happening.

The inbox is the most powerful place you can be at this point. Signed, sealed, and delivered to the reader without the clutter and distractions of crowded social media platforms.

Don't get me wrong, inboxes are still stuffed and croweded.

But considerably less so since people guard their email inboxes and podcast subscriptions as a place of intimacy and vulnerability. That's why I think this the place to be at the moment.

Pay the fee to do custom domain hosting so that people can easily find the archived reviews and newsletters you will be putting out. I don't know how much you have/are using Substack but I've been using it for a while and I find that when I cite something I read by/about a creator it is super simple to go through archives here and find the info to share.

And maybe I'm the only person on the planet reading newsletters and listening to podcasts.

But I don't think so. I think there is an audience here. And if you can tap into that base you will get the growth you are looking for. Because people like myself wake up every morning and check their email inbox and read all/most of the newsletters there.

But rarely do we consistenly visit a website to get the latest updates.

Best case scenario for that we do a Google search, click the news tab, and visit a site we recognize or one of the top results. Which appear at the top simply because they SEO well.

So I see this as the way to cut through the trolls and the noise and go directly to your fanbase. No SEO games, no link shortening, and no web surfing. All of my favorite writers in one place; my inbox.

I look forward to what you put out. The future is now!

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Congratulations on this new part of your adventure!

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